Myggvalla Cup 2024
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Bureå Idrottsförening

The sports club

Bureå Idrottsförening was estalished in 1919 under the namn Skärgårdens IF (the archipelago sports club).
Sports throughout the years have been football, icehockey, floorball, athletics and cross country skiing.
At present time we present teams in football, floorball and ice hockey. In the end of 2023 we also started practice groups in table tennis.


The organisation

The sports club organisation is administration, board and sports groups. The sports groups are set ut to be the link between the board and the teams, handling some administration, start ups (new teams) etc. All board members, people in the sports groups and coaches are volunteering and we are always looking for new enthusiasts to join us! Dont hesitate to contact us if you want to participate in our work.



In the middle of June we organize Myggvalla Cup, which is a football tournament for younger children. The tournament is well attended and several teams within the sports club are in different ways involved in carrying through the tournament.


During winter the Tre Kronor school of hockey teaches children to ice skate and the older children is participating in series and tournaments. The hockey series and the "day of icehockey" are popular gatherings through the winter weekends. There is also an icescating disco taking place at some point during the winter season. 


During autumn and winter there are also active teams in floorball. Sadly there is yet no big sports hall in Bureå, why the oldest teams play their games in Skellefteå. We still have our hopes up to getting our own big sports hall with a grandstand in the future.


Our facilities
In summer a lot of our activites are located at Myggvalla IP with its several football fields and footgolf court. The senior teams and oldest football teams train at Tallbacka IP where our club house in located. 


Member fees and participants fees

It is free to come and try out our sports and if you chose to continue you need to become a member of Bureå IF. T



Dont hesitate to get in contact with us via or find us on Instagram @bureaif or Facebook Bureå Idrottsförening.